Superior Spider-Man not really Superior? Does marketing always tell the truth?

I first want to start this by saying that the original article was posted on June 4th of 2013. In order to keep it from being a long article with multiple updates I have kept the main points and updated the data.

It is very common to hear people ask “why did my favorite program get cancelled”? This is often followed by a statement such as the network said it was “the new hit show”. So if the program was a hit then why was it cancelled?

The answer is that it was not really a hit and what you may have seen or heard was marketing hype. Marketing has the goal of adding value to a product and this can lead to some interesting advertising twists. For example if a movie is not the number one movie for the week they may say it was “the number one comedy”. This is a way to generate enthusiasm and bring more attention to the product.

Here is a great example the author Dan Slott was writing the Superior Spider-Man and in many blogs he has said that the book is doing great and beating the competition. But is that just hype? The initial sales numbers are good but if you notice the book has had a downward trend. The marketing push by Slott is to pump it up with hype so that people will ask “wow it is doing that good, what have I been missing”. The truth is that the sales are declining, which is normal for short term but one must also look at the long term decline. To find this we need to collect more than just the initial sales, we will need to look over sales over a longer period of time an we will also need the consumer response.  This data was conducted buy a survey of 7 comic shops in different states and had a response of over 700 Spider-Man comic readers.With this data I found that there were many unhappy people with the direction of this book and if readers are unhappy then it is relatively safe to say that the sales will continually decline.  When product sales decline marketing will attempt to add more value by generating more attention to the product (as well as other tactics such as product changes). This attention can be seen by the marketing push Marvel has made to sell the book. As you can see as I predicted other marketing pushes such as the push on issue 9 lead to a temporary increase in sales followed by another continuous decline.

With this in mind how can Marvel turn the trend around and increase sales? Some will say that all they need to do is bring Peter Parker back to the the way he was before the dismanteling of his marriage, yet some believe that the decline goes much deeper and a large story change will be needed to bring the book back to where it pleased readers.

Only time will tell, but the truth is that the Superior Spider-Man is not as superior as Slott claims.

As of 6/11/13 despite Dan Slott’a claims my prediction was still proving true issue 9 had an increase in sales followed by another decline with issue 10 which has sold less than issue 8.  Keep in mind that the first 9 issues still had Peter Parker in the series even if he was only in Doctor octopus mind. Issue 9 had a bigger marketing push and now from issue 10 on Peter seems to no longer be in the book. At this time the new book had better sales than the Amazing had the last few years (since Dan Slott became the author) my prediction was that this book fall in sales as readers decided to abandon the title because they are tired of waiting for Peter. I also predicted the same thing will happen to this title as to what happened to the Ultimate Spider-Man, sales will start well and continue to decline to a point that it is under the sales numbers while Peter was in the book.

As of 7/29/2013 I added more insight to the overall data. Since Spider-Man is Marvel’s number one character it should be compared fairly to the numbers of a competitor such as DC’s number one character Batman. In case you were not aware this is how businesses compare sales to competitors. You can see that Batman outsells Superior Spider-Man every month. You can also see that Batman sales were clearly higher for the first 10 issues. You can also see that the average decline in sales were significantly less for Batman. Why does this matter, well if you look more into history Spider-Man had the lead in sales very often and now it is beaten consistently by Batman and this is something companies are very concerned with.

It is clear that when you compare sales properly from each brand that Superior is the inferior product. Did Superior increase Marvels Spider-Man sales? The answer is yes and no. Initial sales are higher but that only holds true if you compare the sales from when Dan Slott took over the writing duties. So here is what happened, Dan Slott took over writing the book and the sales dropped, then he made the Superior Spider-Man and the sales increased to the level they were before he took over. So here is a simplified example. Sales were 100 units, Dan Slott took over, Sales declined to 80 units, then Dan Slott made Superior Spider-Man and sales went to 100 (temporarily) and he claims he increased sales when in fact he increased sales by the amount he lost lost and he only kept that number temporarily and then it went back down again.

On 7/30/2013 I shed light on some other interesting information. Remember to consider the source of your information. The following data comes from The Beat which is an online comic resource. Keep in mind that it gets its money from advertising. Now ask yourself this would you say something negative about a company that you want to advertise on your web site? No of course not. Also it seems that certain editors there have a desire to distort the truth and protect Dan Slott. In an article they posted:


To quote the author

“There’s a very gentle downward trend in evidence, but that’s to be expected with virtually every ongoing series. More significant is that the book is continuing to see real and sustained gains from the current storyline, which is giving it some of its best sales of the last few years, even six months into the arc.”

Then they stated this about the all new X-men

“Issue #12 has a variant cover. Filter out the spikes and there’s a noticeable slide here, but it’s still comfortably leading the X-franchise. The “Battle of the Atom” crossover is due in issue #16.”

The funny thing is that the math is wrong. If you calculate the decline the for each book the decline in the X-men is less than it is for Superior Spider-Man. So how is the larger decline a “gentle downward trend” and the smaller decline a “noticeable slide”.

When I contacted the editor and showed them the calculation error this was the response that I received.

“It is obvious you are not a Slott fan, and I am well aware of the trolls and baiters who seem to have it in for him on the internet. I won’t play the game, sorry. “

So to get this straight I used the same data and used Excel to do the math to so that it is accurate so how can a lower decline be taken more seriously than a higher decline?  I asked them about it to see how they came up with their results the response was that I am a “troll or a baiter”.

I did send them a file that showed them how to calculate the data properly.

Here is the data with the numbers they used in a spreadsheet:

01/13 Superior #1 – 209,944 ( -23.2%)
01/13 Superior #2 – 118,104 ( -43.7%) -0.439
02/13 Superior #3 – 101,811 ( -13.8%) -0.1379
02/13 Superior #4 – 95,892 ( -5.8%) -0.058
03/13 Superior #5 – 94,224 ( -1.7%) -0.017
03/13 Superior #6 – 86,614 ( -8.1%) -0.08
03/13 S. S-M #6AU – 85,807 ( -0.9%) -0.009
04/13 Superior #7 – 87,945 ( +2.5%) 0.0249
04/13 Superior #8 – 85,671 ( -2.6%) -0.026
05/13 Superior #9 – 93,656 ( +9.3%) 0.93
05/13 Superior #10 – 85,346 ( -8.9%) -0.89
06/13 Superior #11 – 84,219 ( -1.3%) -0.013
06/13 Superior #12 – 82,338 ( -2.2%) 0.022

Total decline 0.069
Decline not with issue 1 -0.254
Average decline – issue 1 -0.023

11/12  All-New X-Men #1  – 181,693
11/12  All-New X-Men #2  – 100,983  (-44.4%) -0.444
12/12  All-New X-Men #3  –  90,161  (-10.7%) -0.107
12/12  All-New X-Men #4  –  90,946  ( +0.9%) 0.09
01/13  All-New X-Men #5  –  86,301  ( -5.1%) -0.051
01/13  All-New X-Men #6  –  85,403  ( -1.0%) -0.01
02/13  All-New X-Men #7  –  85,234  ( -0.2%) -0.02
03/13  All-New X-Men #8  –  90,990  ( +6.8%) 0.068
03/13  All-New X-Men #9  –  81,692  (-10.2%) -0.102
04/13  All-New X-Men #10 –  84,760  ( +3.8%) 0.038
05/13  All-New X-Men #11 –  80,582  ( -4.9%) -0.049
06/13  All-New X-Men #12 –  82,178  ( +2.0%) 0.02
06/13  All-New X-Men #13 –  77,656  ( -5.5%) -0.055
                            6 mnth  (-14.6%)
Total decline -0.051
Decline not with issue 1 0.0178
Average decline – issue 1 0.016

Here is a proper comparison between the two books using numbers from http://www.comicchron.com (also a good source) you will see there is a similar result :

Superior Spider-Man Sales est
1 188182
2 112531 -0.4
3 101811 -0.095
4 95892 -0.058
5 86614 -0.0967
6 85807 -0.009
7 87940 0.024
8 85666 -0.025
9 93656 0.09
10 85346 -0.089
11 84219 -0.013
12 82338 -0.0223
Total Sales first 10                  1,190,002.00
Ave -0.063
Ave – issue 1 -0.03
All New X-Men Sales est
1 181710
2 96445 -0.469
3 83794 -0.13
4 80661 -0.037
5 75997 -0.0578
6 80185 0.055
7 85234 0.0629
8 90990 0.0675
9 81695 -0.1
10 84756 0.037
11 80582 -0.049
12 82178 0.019
Tot fir 10    941,467.00
Ave -0.054
Ave – issue 1 -0.013

It should be clear that the decline for X-men at that time was less. So notice I have no adds and nothing to gain, now you tell me who is telling you the truth. Now do not get me wrong I am not saying anyone here lied from the Beat, I am just stating that what they wrote does not support the data. I mean them no harm in any way and anyone can make a mistake including myself.

With that aside I did predict some potential increases in sales do to guest characters and a costume change. You may find it interesting that costume changes have been often done in the past to make a change to boost sales. The same thing can also be said of guest characters and linking characters to other books for more attention. Remember it is business and it is a marketing tactic and there is not anything wrong with that.

With an update on 8-14-2013 I provided data that shed light on the fact that sales continued to decline but it the rate of decline was slowing down. I then stated that it could show that the title was stabilizing or it could be due to things such as a continued push with guest characters and his new costume. As I stated before I did predict that the tactics would help bump sales in a positive direction.  Still as of that date it was clear that my predictions based on my research continued to been hold true.

On 8/26/2013 I posted that in a youtube comments section you could see Dan Slott’s reaction to the numbers that I had provided.
He stated:
“..most books in the industry, but any anonymous person on the internet can make a bogus set of charts to make even a successful book look bad by measuring it with arbitrary (and, in this case, ludicrous) criteria.”

Dan Slott knew the numbers are accurate and he did not want to admit it…or did he? Just a few days before that he tried using the same data to tell people how good Superior Spider-Man sales are.

I find this very interesting he will say the numbers are not correct when he does not want to acknowledge them, yet he will use the same numbers when a person interprets the same numbers a different way that seems favorable to him.

On 9/4/13 I posted another update about a post I made to the Beat on 7/30/2013 that did not seem accurate, not lets go back and see what has happened since.

Below is some information from the article on 7/29/13 and information from 8/26/13. Notice that the numbers for 6 months on 7/29 was +2.9%, then on 8/26/13 the 6 months was -31.6% with just two more recent issues added to the numbers. That should be rather telling, how is that not a decline for a sales trend.

As you can see there was a clear shedding of readers on this book. Now with that said keep in mind that I predicted there would also be some upticks due to events such as bringing in Spider-Man 2099, can you say time to bring in more marketing gimmicks.

"04/13  Superior #8  -  85,671  (  -2.6%)
05/13  Superior #9  -  93,656  (  +9.3%)
05/13  Superior #10 -  85,346  (  -8.9%)
06/13  Superior #11 -  84,219  (  -1.3%)
06/13  Superior #12 -  82,338  (  -2.2%)
                       6 mnth  (  +2.9%)
                       1 year  ( +36.3%)
                       2 year  ( +52.4%)
                       3 year  ( +46.6%)
                       4 year  ( +29.6%)
                       5 year  ( +16.3%)
                      10 year  (   --- )"
8/26/13 information

05/13 Superior #10 – 85,346 ( -8.9%)
06/13 Superior #11 – 84,219 ( -1.3%)
06/13 Superior #12 – 82,338 ( -2.2%)
07/13 Superior #13 – 81,678 ( -0.8%)
07/13 Superior #14 – 80,839 ( -1.0%)
6 mnth ( -31.6%)
1 year ( +35.0%)
2 year ( +42.0%)
3 year ( +44.3%)
4 year ( +11.6%)
5 year ( +17.3%)
10 year ( -15.3%)”

As you can see this book was shedding readers. There was some gimmicks coming which did temporarily boost sales but as the data indicates the predictions that I have made held true no matter how much the books author wants to distort the truth. I also want to add that he still has not contacted me or posted to dispute this here.

As of 10/8/13 My predictions still continued to hold true. Looking at the data provided at the end shows that the survey does provide insight that people are slowing moving away from the book as they decide to stop purchasing the book while waiting for the main character “Peter Parker” to return.

On 12/5/13 I decided to share even more proof that the book had been enjoying a temporary bump yet buy this time the Spider-Man book overall is on a downward slide.
Please notice the chart provided in the following article it is very telling.




Now on 5/6/2014 I have an updated chart and video that will explain the sales of this book so that you can make any decisions for yourself.

Superior Spider-Man Sales est
1 188182
2 112531 -0.4
3 101811 -0.095
4 95892 -0.058
5 86614 -0.0967
6 85807 -0.009
7 87940 0.024
8 85666 -0.025
9 93656 0.09
10 85346 -0.089
11 84219 -0.013
12 82338 -0.0223
13 81678 -0.01
14 80839 -0.01
15 78636 -0.027
16 78087 -0.0069
17 89118 0.14
18 80178 -0.1
19 83671 0.04
20 85309 0.019
21 74940 -0.12
22 81250 0.08
23 77105 -0.05
24 76131 -0.012
25 77311 0.015
26 72591 -0.06
27 86405 0.16
28 75477 -0.126
29 76568 0.014
30 75431 -0.014

Total Sales first 10 1,023,445.00
Ave -0.026
Ave – issue 1 -0.013

Average monthly sales – issue 1 83880
Total sales decrease -0.76


Batman Sales est
1 188420
2 172428 -0.084
3 150984 -0.124
4 133781 -0.113
5 130492 -0.0245
6 128459 -0.015
7 127402 -0.008
8 130602 0.0245
9 134605 0.03
10 130265 -0.03
11 127210 -0.023
12 125249 -0.015
13 148305 0.184
14 159729 0.077
15 151568 -0.05
16 (SSM 1 out) 145923 -0.037
17 150684 0.032
18 137893 -0.084
19 132147 -0.04
20 129039 -0.023
21 142088 0.101
22 132047 -0.07
23 128230 -0.028
24 124652 -0.027
25 125602 0.007
26 119143 -0.05
27 115492 -0.03
28 114089 -0.012
29 116926 0.024

Average monthly sales – issue 1 134465

Total sales for first 10 1,427,438.00
Ave -0.0157
Ave – issue – 1 -0.012
Total sales decrease -0.4


Amazing Spider-Man Sales est over time

536 118277 (Nov 2006)
538 142930 (Feb 2007)
539 137723
545 124482 (Dec 2007) Dan Slott is a writer on the team  around 546
549 101048 (Feb 2008)
552 89808
555 86885
577 76610 (Nov 2008) Notice the decline  since Dan Slott was a writer.
588 61325
595 71837
601 74201
608 71992
612 68427
620 59860
644 58310
650 55996       Slott is main writer around 648
657 58704       Notice the continual decline as he is the main writer
674 57688
678 54252
691 60768      Notice the sales level never go up to the point before he was on the book!
692 91072
693 59768
694 58457
695 58180
696 57945
697 59878
698 81350
699 74901
700 200966 (Peter Killed)

Notice every “big event” that gets extra push gets a spike and then it continues to fall
9 Big event push followed by decline
17 Big event push for Spider-Man 2099 followed by decline
20 “Big event that will change things for years to come” followed by decline
22 Venom vs Spider-Man gets a small bump followed again by decline
27-30 Goblin nation push

No matter how you try to distort history or try to make it disappear there is a clear pattern!

Video with additional detail and explanation:



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53 comments on “Superior Spider-Man not really Superior? Does marketing always tell the truth?

  1. Well said, Slott can use all of the Caps he wants it does not make what he says true. I think you have made a good case here. Look the moderator of the Spider-Man Marvel forum can’t ban me for agreeing with you here!

  2. Great article! Your video really sheds light on this topic. I hope your predictions are right because I do not like this Octospider thing.

  3. Great article and video,it really shows that all of Dan Slotts puffing is just that puffing!

  4. Thank you Broken45, I hope that you find the update that I posted to add more validity to my theory. With that in mind it will be best to wait until the next update to see if I am correct. I believe issue 10 still had people checking to see if Peter won the battle and now that they know he has not we may see the sales decline at a faster pace.
    Only time will tell.
    Even though my theory is proving true I am sure Dan Slott will try to spin it.

  5. I appreciate you doing a statistical analysis of sales. While I’m sure Mr. Slott would quibble with your numbers, I’m relatively sure that the trend lines are not up for debate — they are going down. As you mention, it’s all a matter of “how far.” I think one of the things that is keeping this afloat is that, given that people expect Peter to come back, they want to be kept in the loop. Since comic readers these days tend to skew a bit older, $4.00 isn’t really that much to them. Even if you generally dislike the book it’s like, “Eh! Screw it.”

    For example, I haven’t been buying the book. I normally read it in store, put it down, and then buy frozen yogurt with my wife. One time I was in a hurry, but I wanted to write a blog post on a particular issue. I rationalized that the information in my blog post would sway enough readers to more than make up for having to cough up $4.00 to Marvel for SSM.

    When I was younger and had less disposable income, there isn’t a chance I’d do that. In some ways these numbers are actually pretty bad because the base is older with more disposable income, but sales are down for the industry overall.

    The other thing that is interesting is how Marvel can come up with an event and go to CNN or the Associated Press or whatever organization to help create hype. Get a few headlines on CNN about Peter Parker dying, and that’s going to inflate sales for a month or two.

    Anyway, thanks for the post.

  6. Thank you for the response,
    ” I think one of the things that is keeping this afloat is that, given that people expect Peter to come back,”

    I agree that is why I expect to see the decline to continue more after issue 9. The survey conducted showed that many people were sticking with it waiting for Peter to come back. The question is how long will they wait? Overall the comic sales are down.
    Compared to other titles sales are competitive but it is not at the top like Slott claimed. You can also see that the sales decrease is steeper than some other titles. Marvel is trying to hype up the book to keep people reading it. I may be wrong but based on the data I believe we will continue to see a decline.

  7. It looks like this was shared with people at comic vine. I think people are missing the point they are looking at the sales as if they should be the same as issue 1 and that is clearly not what this article says. It is funny how others refuse to believe the truth, the numbers are telling the story and it proves that the marketing push has impacted sales. This author has clearly showed the data and compared it to others to add a clear view of the industry.
    Great article!

    • Thank you for the nice comments. You are correct that people need to be careful and not jump to conclusions. I have posted data and made a prediction based on the facts received. It is common for marketing to try to create excitement. I tried to show a true picture and now we shall see what comes next, so far I am correct.

  8. I read this article since it was posted in comic vine, great article. You clearly are presenting facts. I will be very interested in the next issues numbers. Will you respond to comments in comic vine?

    • Thank you for the kind response. I do not plan on responding in the Comic Vine forum normally I might for fun but I am currently very busy and I do not think I would have time to respond properly. I am currently teaching full time at one college and teaching part time at another while running a small business. I am also currently working on a side project with a hardware and software package during beta testing. The project device should help people with their internet capabilities and video game players should love it. The device and software fixes the lag problems with popular games such as Call of Duty. I am running statistical tests to ensure the system works properly. With that said I will be very happy to continue to respond to posts made here on the subject of this article.

  9. It is funny Slott is attacking me in the marvel forum again claiming I am you. This guy has no shame. He cannot take that someone may not want to read his pile of garbage.

  10. Thanks for the update, feel free to send him my way I would be happy to school him again.

  11. I have been looking into this myself and I must say this article brings a lot of truth to the subject. I have since looked into Mr. Slott’s responses and it seems that likes to ignore the facts.
    Spider11211, don’t let him get to you he is just attacking you to hide from the truth that the book is on a decline. I understand his point but it is wrong of him to only take the data he wants to see and deflect the rest by avoidance and deception.

    • Thank you for the kind words, it does bother me that a person who represents the company acts like that in public. There are much better ways to respond. I hate to say it but Spider called it when he said that he fits the definition of an internet troll.

  12. Thank you for the informative post. Slott reminds me of the former GM for the Red Sox, Dan Duquette, when he was asked about the 2001 season. After the season, a season in which the Red Sox missed the playoffs, Duquette responded to an interviewer that the team had spent more days in first place than the Yankees. The Yankees made it all the way to the World Series that year. As can be expected, that answer didn’t endear too many fans to Duquette as he seemed to show a lack of comprehension towards both the attitudes and desires of the fan base. Instead of apologizing for the lack of a better season and showing a sense of commitment towards improvement on the field, he came off as being detached from the fans and elitist in nature. I think this is a great analogy for Slott, who personally attacks those that disagree with him and akin to Duquette, just throws perceived successful reviews and sales numbers out in defense of a below average product.

    I honestly hope that, even as much as I hated it at the end of Strazcynski’s (sp?) run, that they bring back Mephisto to wipe out the entirety of Slott’s run.

  13. Well it appears that if Slott disagrees with you he will find a way to get you banned. He accused me of being Fuzzball which is not true and many other forum members stood up for me. I was then banned and all of the posts of support were removed.

    • Welcome to Marvel Now.
      I did go in and look at the discussion but clearly I did not participate (not that I could they banned me).
      You clearly got shafted I wonder if anyone else that was supporting you got banned.

  14. Thank you for the informative post. Slott reminds me of the former GM for the Red Sox, Dan Duquette, when he was asked about the 2001 season. After the season, a season in which the Red Sox missed the playoffs, Duquette responded to an interviewer that the team had spent more days in first place than the Yankees. The Yankees made it all the way to the World Series that year. As can be expected, that answer didn’t endear too many fans to Duquette as he seemed to show a lack of comprehension towards both the attitudes and desires of the fan base. Instead of apologizing for the lack of a better season and showing a sense of commitment towards improvement on the field, he came off as being detached from the fans and elitist in nature. I think this is a great analogy for Slott, who personally attacks those that disagree with him and akin to Duquette, just throws perceived successful reviews and sales numbers out in defense of a below average product.I honestly hope that, even as much as I hated it at the end of Strazcynski’s (sp?) run, that they bring back Mephisto to wipe out the entirety of Slott’s run.

    (I apologize if this double posts.)

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this article. I love your analogy. Slott enjoys spinning data and twisting the truth and if you get in his way he will try to silence you. I have challenged him to a debate here but as you see if he does not have a moderator in his pocket to remove your posts and help him lie he will not debate you.

  15. I do plan to continue updating this. I may also add more content to my article on forums later. I took screen shots of some of the lies and attacks Slott was posting about Spider11211 claiming that he was me.

    • Thank you for your dedication to this. Do you happen to know the sales figures for the Amazing Spider-Man clone saga? I was wondering if a universally panned storyline had huge numbers as well. Just because something sells like hotcakes, doesn’t mean it’s any good. I would guess the number is quite high given the popularity of comic books at the time, which was back when I was subscribing. My favorite period was Straczynski as he actually brought character growth and development to the character. I’d really like to have seen how he got to that future with Peter against the police during the Dr. Strange stuff. Sure, some of the stuff wasn’t great and he was handicapped a few times by planned Marvel events but at least he was always moving forward.

  16. BringBackPeterParker,
    I have been looking into the Clone saga numbers but I am struggling to get information that is solid at this time. I will continue to contact the proper people and will continue the search.

    • Thanks. I appreciate it. In case you were wondering, I meant the one from the 1990s (if memory serves), that wound up introcing Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) eventually. This also had the ridiculous storyline of Peter’s synthetic robot parents.

  17. Truthwillwin1,
    It seems that your article really angers Slott. He went at me again, this time in comic vine. I guess he did not like that you used the same data as the Beat and showed what it means to everyone.

    • Well my goal is not to upset him, my goal is to simply show what the data is telling. I would suggest ignoring him it may be for the best.
      Now granted by the way he acts I am no fan of his and I will not hide that, but I will not twist the numbers to support my prediction. If the numbers go the other way I will report that also. Just remember he only attacks you because he has nothing else he can say constructive.

  18. Okay I looked at the debate, really just let it go Spider if he has a issue he can take it up with me. I appreciate your support but I think he knows that he has nothing. I respect the Beat, but I do feel that the response I received was not proper and I have voiced it. Everyone makes mistakes, I know I do. If Slott has an issue that is his problem. I am fine with you sharing the article but you do not need to defend it I can take the heat. History will either prove me right or wrong so only time will tell.

  19. Great addition to the article. I like the Beat so I find it sad that they did not really tell a clear picture. How can anyone say that a book with a steeper decline is a gentle downward trend yet say a book with less decline is a noticable slide. Either it was a simple mistake reading the data on their part or there is something deeper.

    • Thank you for your comment. I do not want to say bad things about the Beat, I respect the work they do but I do find it odd that they responded the way they did.
      I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt that it was a simple slipup. I know I have made my share of mistakes.

  20. From the numbers the author of the comic book will see declining sales if he continues to have the comic book going in the direction it is. The sales are on a decline and it is clearly shown by the data collected so the sales are and will continue to decrees.

    If the comic book keeps going in the direction it is currently going sales will continue to drop every issue until changes are made or a new author comes along and changes the story line.

    It is fair to compare sales from two different companies it shows more data and gives a bigger out look of the sales and let you see that this is not just an error in one company’s sales. It lets you look in on sales from other areas and see that they are also showing a slow decline in sales for this comic book.

    I don’t think the data was misleading but just like in any poll collected the information gathered can be spun in many different ways to get the outcome the one doing the poll wishes. But based on the information gathered it does show sales are down and the author of the comic book needs to make changes if he wishes to keep readers interested and continue to be readers.

  21. I agree with the author of this article and not the author of the comic. I agree with the author of the article because he supported his view with examples using actual numbers from the sales of the comic, as well as stating his opinion without being rude or pushy.

    I’m not too familiar with comic books, but my prediction for the sales of superior spider man are that they are going to keep declining unless something, such as, bringing Peter Parker back, or adding some sort of twist to the storyline is done to keep the readers interested. I think that the article from The Beat is misleading because they only seem to be looking at the positive and not the negative. It’s seems that they are trying to cover up any struggles they are having by acting as if nothing is wrong. That might work now, but not in the long run.

  22. @truthwillwin1: I just wanted to let you know that I started using the @persons name in comments like you suggested in order to make it easier to follow the discussion. I do think it helps keep things more organized.

    • @Spider11211:

      Copy cat! Just messing with you. I have been trying it out to see if it makes things easier, let me know if you find it helpful. So far I like it, BTW you could have just walked over here and told me (should I make a losing weight joke here). Sorry I could not help myself with that one.

  23. If I can make a quick request/suggestion, I think it would be really informative if you could add the sales figures for Amazing Spider-Man leading up to its end and the launch of Superior. It would be nice to see a comparison between where Amazing Spider-Man’s sales numbers typically sat and where Superior’s numbers end up at when they finally bottom out. It would provide some incite into how many fans Marvel lost or gained with this stunt. I know you made reference to Amazing Spider-Man’s sales figures being lower than Superior’s current sales but I didn’t see an actual number .

  24. Issaac,
    Thank you for the comment. I will try to add that later. Currently the run is doing better than it has been doing for years due to this change. I will try to add more data from farther back soon to add more detail.
    Currently the change is causing a boost but it does have many things pushing the sales such as a new costume, every few issues they are announcing a big event…etc.

    Thank you for reading and making a comment!

  25. If I’m not mistaken, the sales are sitting right around where they were around ASM #600 when 3 teams of writers were on the book and it was coming out weekly. This was when Joe Kelly and Mark Waid were 2 of the 3 writers on the book as well, though Slott did cameo every so often too. I too had an argument with Dan Slott over stating simple facts, but even with his infamous “sales are fine” pitch (when they are clearly not as what they seem), I should point out:

    Just because a story is SELLING well, doesn’t mean the story is GOOD proportionately. I also pointed out Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace to prove this point. I personally like that film, but even I cannot deny what kind of negative impact it has had on Star Wars fans and even the majority of nerd culture. But it made a LOT of money, and even the re-release made a good chunk of cash in its own right. It also saddens me that he, like his comic book avatar Doctor Octopus, is at his wits end but still trying to say “I AM BETTER THAN YOU ALL! I AM THE MASTER PLANNER!!!” and when he gets things like this, he has to get moderators to ban and delete because he really can’t fight with facts…

  26. I did read one of your debates with him, I find his hypocrisy funny. I challenged him to a fair debate on sales in a fair forum that did not have moderation that would remove my posts or ban me when I was proving him wrong yet he never would agree to it. I do agree 100% I have seen him get people banned for no reason at all (including myself).
    I always find it telling that he goes off topic with cheap shots to get off subject to hide. Also he has posted in other article comments as Anonymous so his whole “you need your name on it” stance is also hypocritical.

  27. Renteria,
    Thank you for sharing that, I do plan on adding the new data soon. I find it funny that Dan Slott keeps ignoring the fact that the sales are going down, then when he does admit it he responds with “normal attition” Yet the sales drop seems more steep than many books and other flag ship characters (Batman for example) are doing better. He then made the mistake to say Superior-Spider Man is the top selling monthy Marvel title (that is also wrong it is getting beat by Gaurdians of the Galaxy).

    By the way I find it funny that he comments everywhere that he can control the outcome (by getting people banned for no reason or the thread shut down) yet he has never had the conviction to discuss this in a place that is fair to both sides. He then uses the “conviction” comment on others when it works in his favor.
    He also told another forum member (and friend of mine) that I created my blog just because of him, if you look I have other articles that have nothing to do with him and I will have more when I get more time.

  28. well I expected the sales bump thanks to 2099 and while I didn’t buy the book, I did read it. Sad part? The best parts of 17 and 18 had NOTHING TO DO with SpOck. That’s hilarious! I was more worried about Miguel not getting disintegrated by the event horizon of the paradox wave.

    But it’s also bad that the best books out of Marvel right now are Daredevil, Hawkeye, and all the X-Men books where Wolverine isn’t the main character and yet OF those top books, ONLY the X-Men books have sales to match! Reduces me to tears.

    • Matt, I have to agree as you see I also predicted a bump…so far I have been right on every prediction with this book even if the author wants to try to distort the truth.
      I have not purchased the books or read them so I cannot comment on the quality of the books but from what I have seen from the series I could only guess that they were not Superior.

  29. Good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by chance (stumbleupon).

    I have bookmarked it for later!

  30. Thank you Cathleen, I am sorry I did not see your post earlier (it went to the spam folder). I am happy to see that you enjoyed my work on crunching the numbers.

  31. This design is spectacular! You certainly know how to keep a reader
    amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog
    (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  32. Thank you for the kind comments.

  33. …why did they write Peter Parker out of the books?! That makes no sense to me. (Though I probably don’t see the whole picture, not having any knowledge of superheroes apart from “The Incredibles” and the fact that my four-year-old sister likes the old Batman series and loves Wonder Woman; I have only ever seen the first two of the movies with Tobey Maguire.)
    So, they picked bad examples for controls at first, to make their statistics look better? I feel sorry for people who don’t know how to read the fine print now!

    • Exactly, and the writer called me many names and attacked my character over this. A forum moderator for the company also tried to cover for him by removing my posts. The whole thing started because Dan was belittling others at the Marvel forum and I decided to provide facts. The facts did not paint the picture he wanted to sell. As you can see in my post I never used anything but the facts to make my predictions that happened to hold true.

      The whole thing was a Marvel marketing stunt to gain more readers (it received more media publicity). Now they are using the same tactics for other books.

      • It started out with the writer trolling other people on the forums?! That’s horrible. The company SHOULD have banned him from the forums. (Something similar happened to me when I pointed out that homosexuality used to be on the manual of mental illnesses when in the midst of a history debate on another forum. Then I mentioned that I’m a Christian, and got attacked over that.) It is so frustrating when things like this happen.
        So, they killed off a character just to get publicity?! That doesn’t make much sense to me, as it was the main character and the only person, seemingly, to stand between that universe and complete and utter chaos or a reign of terror… But then, I’m not a published author, I’m mostly just saying what I think as a reader. Still, even thinking about starting a media uproar, it doesn’t seem to be a good decision for the series.

  34. Yes, he was rude to anyone that did not like the direction of the story. If you look at his twitter posts sometime you will see that he loves to condemn people that disagree with him (and he can get very mean).
    For example check this out:

    Your views on the book were shared by many and they were vilified for their views. I simply stated that the sales were going down and after looking at the numbers you can see that I did not say anything that was not true.
    It almost seems like it is open season on Christians yet all Christians are bigots for having faith based views, it is very hypocritical.

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