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2 Broke Girls Delivers Crude Humor and a Solid Message

I will say that I never expect good messages out of television anymore and at first impression 2 Broke Girls did not change my view. The show has rude and crude humor but if you look deeper the show does have a very strong positive message. The girls have shown that failure is not an excuse to quit. Each girl has had to overcome personal and professional trials yet they still continue to follow their dream. People could take a lesson from the tenacity of the characters. I find this to be very interesting since most of our mainstream mentality today is focused on entitlement. The characters in this program have more liberal social views but yet they have a much more conservative business mentality.

The capitalistic mentality of the girls in this show remind me that “we built it” not our government. The United States is a great place because of what we have done not what our government has provided us. In the United States we have rights and freedoms and it is best not to forget them because that is what makes us great. We should be careful when we listen to celebrities or popular writers which use social media such as twitter to distort the facts and push selfish agendas Often the views from the celebrities show that they truly does not know how the world functions.

The truth is that it is our desire and hard work that makes us great not what we ask our government to do for us.Image


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