Fast food workers demand $15 an hour!


I have been following the whole fast food pay scale debacle over the recent months especially the most recent situation where 100 workers will walk off the job.  The walk off is part of a protest which is a movement initiated by labor unions in order to raise pay scales for lower wage workers. One must ask why do labor unions want the fast food sector so much. Well let’s look at this shall we, if unions get these workers unionized they well increase union funds. Each union worker would have union dues which will bring in more union dollars, but it will not stop there. If non skilled labor is earning $15 an hour then the union can go to skilled labor jobs and demand higher pay for those workers since they have more skills and should be worth more. The non-unionized labor will not likely get a raise and they will feel that they deserve more so the unions will then try to get them to unionize. If you look at this rationally this seems like a master plan to increase union power.

We should then ask why our president supports this. The answer is simple unions back the Democratic party and they contribute a significant amount of money to their election campaigns. If unions have more money they will be able to contribute more.  The President has to know that if the wages increase it will have a ripple effect on the rest of the economy. The current president also feels some pressure from the unions since the affordable health care plan did not go over well with them.

One thing continues to enter my mind “what makes a person with no special workplace skills worth $15 an hour”? I find it fascinating that people think they deserve a certain level of pay yet they do not have any particular skills to back up that rational. I recently asked a fast food employee what skills did he have that makes him worth $15 an hour and he responded “I have a high school diploma”. I then decided that this needed more investigation.  I asked other fast food workers the same question and I received responses such as “I work hard”, “I have a family”, I have a GED”.

Based on the information I have gathered and observing people in general I came to the conclusion that people think they are entitled to more or they do not really understand that a company has to have employees produce more income than they cost to employ. Let’s be honest a $15 an hour employee should be a productive person and that requires a skillful person. The GED or diploma does not show enough skill to demand such a high rate of pay. Also having a family does not make you a more valuable employee.  It seems that people forget that having a family is a choice and a responsibility. I do realize people have children on accident but that is still no one’s fault but their own and they will need to do something about it. If a person is unhappy with what they earn they need to make themselves more attractive to employers.

I hope that the fast food industry will stick to their pay scales or change them within a reasonable level while maintaining profitability because caving to $15 an hour is not the answer to everyone’s problems.




2 comments on “Fast food workers demand $15 an hour!

  1. I worked doing after-school care for a family in a nearby suburb (the job required approximately an hour and fifteen minutes of driving time per day in all) for ten dollars an hour (the driving time was also paid). While this is above the minimum wage, it pretty much evened out seeing that I had to buy the gas out of that money. And I’ve heard of kids who babysat for five dollars an hour to pay for further education without ever complaining (though they weren’t supporting themselves or their families with this.) It’s kind of sad that people think they’re entitled to these sorts of things. I mean, I see an entry level job offering $12.35 or $12.50 an hour and I think it’s probably too good to be true…

  2. Don’t get me wrong I want to see everyone earn a good wage but that does not mean they are entitled to it. People often do not think about how that wage will be paid and who that impacts (such as retirement accounts). In order to fix the problem we need more jobs and that will create more competition for labor. Consider this, if there is one job and two people want it the company can be more frugal in hiring. Now if the situation was reversed and there were two companies that needed to fill a position and only one potential employee the companies would have to compete to get the labor and that would force them to increase wages. The symptoms seem to be getting all of the attention when we really need to address the root cause.

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