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The hypocrisy post of the day (Brought to you by Mark Tokarski)

I found this little gem today: Mark Tokarski posted this on Douglas Ernst’s blog: “It’s tough being an American. We have to form opinions without knowing anything. We do our best. Mr. Ernst, you’re making the best of it.” So Mark comes in and makes a snide remark. Douglass then responds: “Your problem is that […]

The hypocrisy post of the day (Brought to you by Ron Marz)

I stumbled on this gem today. I can see clearly why this baffles him. I would say it is safe to NOT expect Ron Marz to ever be polite. The amount of rudeness that comes from Ron Marz is staggering.  I wonder if he asked the person if they were a Democrat or Republican first so he could decide if he should open […]

The lack of tolerance from the self-proclaimed tolerant

It seems that the tolerance movement has been gaining steam at an increasing pace. What I mean by that is that the people saying they are tolerant are being the most intolerant. In the past being tolerant meant accepting others views but it seems now that the definition has changed to accepting views that agree […]