The hypocrisy post of the day (Brought to you by Ron Marz)

I stumbled on this gem today.


I can see clearly why this baffles him. I would say it is safe to NOT expect Ron Marz to ever be polite. The amount of rudeness that comes from Ron Marz is staggering.  I wonder if he asked the person if they were a Democrat or Republican first so he could decide if he should open the door or slam it in the persons face. I think the person was shocked more from who the action came from as opposed to the action itself.





I am pretty sure Ron Marz saying something that is mean-spirited is not a surprising headline.

For the record I would take Dave Brat’s politics over Ron Marz any day. In addition even though I do not agree with all of Glenn Beck’s views it is clear that he is a much kinder more educated person than Ron Marz.




3 comments on “The hypocrisy post of the day (Brought to you by Ron Marz)

  1. Whaaat? He didn’t even have the grace to call us “anti-OVERSIZED-gov’t wackos”?! Now I’m insulted. 😛
    I think that a big part of what America is built on is respect for people who are different from us, and if we’re missing respect–even for people who aren’t tolerant–then how are we supposed to be UNITED States?
    It’s kind of sad. Mr. Marz is giving a bad name to liberals, while the few people who identify as conservative and are self-declared bigots give a bad name to the rest of us. So, in a way, all of us are looking at stereotypes, which is sadder still…
    I think that deep down, liberals and conservatives really want similar, if not the exact same things. They just go different ways towards them….
    I’m sorry, I ramble a lot, whether posting or commenting. 😛

  2. Thank you for sharing your views, I greatly appreciate them. I do have to agree I think we really all want the same things we just have different methods to accomplish them.

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