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Robin (1991, 5 Issue Mini-Series) Why You Should Read it.

This series is written by Chuck Dixon and penciled by Tom Lyle. The story starts with the young intelligent detective Tim Drake the third Robin in the Batman series. Tim is in the Batcave pondering if he has what it takes to be Batman’s sidekick. Bruce gives him encouragement that inspires him to leave in […]

Power Man and Iron Fist issue 123, Why You Should Read It.

This issue is wonderfully written by Jim Owsley (now legally changed to Christopher James Priest) and penciled by Mark Bright and the story is completely contained in this one lone issue. The issue starts with a news story about a killer but we find out that the killer is a bigot. Public opinion turns sour […]

Power Man And Iron Fist issue 109, Why You Should Read It.

I think everyone should go out and get Power Man And Iron fist #109 (it came out in 1984 and it was written by Alan Rowlands). Not only will this will help you support your local comic store but the story is great and it has a good message. The story starts with a little […]

Hobby Lobby and Conservative Christians Win, Democrats and Socialists are scrambling

In a 5 to 4  split Supreme Court decision, Hobby Lobby and others have won their case. It did not take long for the liberal talking points to present themselves. Let us explore what is fundamentally wrong with some of the lefts views of this situation. In order to do this I will take the […]