Power Man And Iron Fist issue 109, Why You Should Read It.


I think everyone should go out and get Power Man And Iron fist #109 (it came out in 1984 and it was written by Alan Rowlands). Not only will this will help you support your local comic store but the story is great and it has a good message.

The story starts with a little boy in trouble (I do not want to give the story away) and it shows that we should not jump to conclusions. The story also shows the love that Christians should have (which many do). The preacher in the story shows compassion for a youth even though he may have committed murder. People need to understand that Christians are not filled with hate and that some people like Dan Slott pervert the truth about them. Notice how Christians are depicted by today’s comic book writers and you will see a large difference between this particular book and the books of today. You can go even further and look at the writers tweets and you will see clear bigotry.

The story also deals with mental illness! You will notice the weapons used in the book were not the dilemma it was the person and their mental illness that was the root of the problem. It is a good comic and it has a good message. I think gun control advocates could really learn something from this book.

A special thanks to spider11211 for asking me to go back and read that again.


11 comments on “Power Man And Iron Fist issue 109, Why You Should Read It.

  1. Thanks for the sharing this, Truth. It’s a pity that the writers at today’s Marvel only depict Christians as one-dimensional bigots and then shriek at those who call attention to radical Islam.

    • Thank you for reading Carl, I wish the author would have been writing comics longer, we need more writers like him. I have to thank Spider for showing me this one!
      I think it takes great courage to speak the truth today knowing that you will be under the fire of our social system.

      • I agree; we do need more writers like him. There is a lot about today’s culture I dislike, such as how when you speak the truth about something, you’ll get called a “bigot” and “racist” and whatever epithet they come up with; look what happened with Brandeis and Ayaan Ali Hirsi. Or if you simply have a different opinion on something, the PC police will try to actively destroy your job and livelihood (like with Brandon Eich)

      • I think the whole point of using speech like that is to scare away debate. It will take great courage to stand against people like that when they rally others with falsehoods. I appreciate people like you who know what the response will be from others yet you still dare to tell the bigger picture. Not all of our history is great but we are far from the only problem out there.
        The PC police are trying to rewrite history and they do not see the potential damage that may come from it.

      • I agree. It’s harder to argue when people are smearing your reputation, but if you keep calm they may just have to take back their insults. (Obi-Wan is the only reason Anakin EVER got anything done, and not just because he trained Anakin–because he’s technically Anakin’s moral compass! Or was until RotS.) If you argue your point calmly and respectfully, they’ll embarrass themselves by calling you a bigot. You may not change their mind, but you may get them to sabotage their own reputations and get other people questioning the mindset these people who throw out epithets like that are championing. πŸ™‚
        It’s just so sad that these poor deluded people want to throw out all of our proudest moments, our traditions, our heritage, our history, and call everything the Constitution stood for a mere political front. Our country WAS founded on these principles. Other, older nations often weren’t founded on principle; some of them were even monuments to one man’s ambition! And though we’ve had our dubious moral decisions, we still have our better moments. But with that heritage comes responsibility, and it seems that too few people want to own up to that responsibility, so the people who don’t want to take on the responsibility are throwing out the heritage as a red herring. What a cop-out!

      • Well said! As you can see by my posts I have decided to start showing the hypocrisy of some with their behavior. I find it silly how people claim to be tolerant while the condemn anyone that does not agree with them.

      • Yes. It’s almost like tolerance has become the gauntlet they throw in our faces to try to get us to be intolerant, so they have a reason to say it… but if we just stay calm, maybe other people will see that they’re the ones trying to provoke us. πŸ™‚

  2. Cool! I don’t normally read graphic novels or comics, but I’m all for getting the Christian message out as many ways as possible! πŸ˜€ I love literature which gives out the Christian message. And when it gets it out like this, people can’t complain of it being preachy, because if people act the way they talk, they’re not preaching, and if they let their actions take over and give an example rather than their words, that’s even better!!!! πŸ˜€
    Sorry, I’m a literature nut. πŸ˜› I write, and I write about writing. πŸ˜› But one thing I absolutely love is when characters set an example rather than telling one. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you for reading! Please do not be sorry, feel free to write away and spread your view as much as you can. I do agree that people need to use outlets creatively in order to spread the message. People like us need to embrace the avenues we have to influence others in a positive way.
      I will look forward to reading any of your responses.

      • πŸ˜€ Thanks! I’m actually working on a couple of novels (mostly fantasy, but also sci-fi) which are written from a Christian perspective. One of these, “Bound to the Flame,” is being serially published on my blog. πŸ˜‰ I’m having lots of fun busting some of these misconceptions people have about Christian fantasy out of the water.
        Another novel I’m working on, “Generations,” is aimed at a slightly older audience. It succeeds “Loyalties”, which is more of a psychological drama than a fantasy. Anyway, in Generations the protagonist from Loyalties is beginning to teach an apprentice of his own, and it’s got its own unique magic system and everything… I think it’s fun to write people who don’t have magic as protagonists and contrast them with magic users, but in this case no one is supposed to use magic (like in the real world,) because hundreds of years ago there WAS magic in their world and as a result people were losing their minds and destroying things, and a group that would later become the Rangers would have to seal magic away from their world in order to protect it. However, now there are people out there (remnants of the villains from the first book) who want to restore magic to the world; they’ve forgotten how destructive it was, and believe that the Rangers are hoarding all the power to themselves (despite the fact that they do NOT use magic at all), and the heroes have to stop them from restoring magic to the world!!!!!!!
        I know I sound a little crazy, but I’m just so excited about this book. ^_^ I think it will be a groundbreaker in fantasy, and I hope it starts a trend or at least garners a fan-base (though, there are always haters out there; I mean, some people despised “The Lord of the Rings” when they read it!) But anyway, speculative fiction is probably my favorite mega-genre, followed closely by historical fiction. Eventually I may try writing nonfiction, but right now I enjoy making up the rules myself too much to try it. ;-P

  3. “I’m having lots of fun busting some of these misconceptions people have about Christian”
    Please keep at it, people need to learn the truth. It seems that the secular medial likes to share a negative view of Christianity.

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