Power Man and Iron Fist issue 123, Why You Should Read It.


This issue is wonderfully written by Jim Owsley (now legally changed to Christopher James Priest) and penciled by Mark Bright and the story is completely contained in this one lone issue. The issue starts with a news story about a killer but we find out that the killer is a bigot. Public opinion turns sour fast and riots arise as their anger is elevated because the cops have not apprehended the super powered killer quickly. The public starts making accusations that the killer would be caught if he were killing white people. The killer is Blake Williams a man that was in the military and was a subject for  scientific testing.

Luke Cage takes part in catching the criminal with Sgt. King of the NYPD but is later chastised by the public for not killing Blake. A short time later Blake is moved to the Marines custody due to an administrative oversight. Sgt. King the Falcon and Luke tear through the reservists holding Blake to return him to New York with the full blessing of the NYPD. A fight breaks out between Blake and Luke and when the fight is over something becomes known. Blake Williams is actually a black man. When Luke is back in New York with the NYPD the question is asked what difference does it make that Blake was black. The public that was using the terms “race-killer “and “Super-Bigot” now replaced the names with “victim of society” and “misunderstood young soldier”.

This story was written in 1986 and we could still learn something from it today. Race is constantly being used today to split people apart and we need to see that we are all people no matter what our skin color is.


4 comments on “Power Man and Iron Fist issue 123, Why You Should Read It.

  1. Back in the day Marvel had a good message in books. Now it seems like they are using minority groups for marketing gimmicks.

    • Thank you spider, to be fair I might not have went back and read this again if you had not reminded me about the series.

      I would also suggest looking into other books this author has written if you have not already.

      • Excellent review, as always. Today’s comic writers are your typical progressives: more interested in diving people among racial quotas instead of uniting them. I’ve always been color-blind myself and view people as people.

        And yes, Christopher Priest/Jim Owlsey is a pretty good writer. It’s too bad he’s retired.

  2. Thank you Carl, I am new at the blog thing (only around a year under my belt) and I have never done reviews like this before. I wish Jim Owlsey/Christopher Preist would write a few more issues for us to show the current writers how to really write a story with diversity and not use the characters as tokens.

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