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Dan Slott, Mark Waid and Ron Marz Please Stop Spreading Fear

The following tweets are from Dan Slott, Mark Waid and Ron Marz. Really, that is the message you want to spread? Maybe the police don’t want another Zimmerman fiasco where the media rush to judgment (and doctored 911 calls). Maybe the police don’t want the media to see the violence? Maybe the police have a good […]

The hypocrisy post of the day (Brought to you again by Ron Marz)

  Really? This from the guy that posted the following tweets, I think he needs to take his own advice.   You can see my thoughts on his other tweets here:

What if you die today?

Let’s assume that as you are reading this you suddenly suffered from a heart attack. You then open your eyes and you are in a courtroom full of people looking at you as you stand there in shackles. You feel the judgment but not as much from the people in the room but more from […]