What if you die today?


Let’s assume that as you are reading this you suddenly suffered from a heart attack. You then open your eyes and you are in a courtroom full of people looking at you as you stand there in shackles. You feel the judgment but not as much from the people in the room but more from yourself. A judge asks you in a stern voice, are you a good person? You take a moment and present your case about your character.

The judge then lowers a screen and shows you your funeral, as you watch you see your impact on others while you were on earth. You see how family and friends console each other and tell stories about the times they shared with you. As you watch the funeral you ask yourself, what did you do that people will remember and how will you be remembered. You also are forced to see how your actions have impacted others. The judge then asks you again, are you a good person?

Next the judge starts a new movie on the screen this time it is your life and how you lived it. It starts with your first day on earth showing your innocence coming into the world and then moves to acts of kindness and love that you displayed but the next section is a bit harder to watch as it shows the moral judgments that you have made. You stand silently for what goes form minutes to hours and then seems to go on for days. You watch as you are forced to see the lies you told to your parents, your significant other, your friends, your children, your boss, and even strangers. Some of the lies seem terrible and some of them seem pointless but they are all lies. The time you said you did not break something, the time you said you washed your hands, the time you said you fed the cat, the time you could have picked up your child from daycare but you let your significant other do it so you could relax, the list goes on. The deeds you have done that you were ashamed of continue almost endlessly. Eventually the movie shows you at the last moments of your life, you could have said I love you to your kids, your significant other or even spent time with them but instead you chose to relax at the computer. The judge asks again, are you a good person?

You stand there with no real way to defend your actions, your sins are many and all seems lost. Before you can answer Jesus comes in the room and says I am here on behalf of this person today. Jesus gains the attention from all in the room as he shows the court that you loved him, then he proceeds to show that he gave his life to cover all of your sins. The movie now shows a clean slate with no sin and in front of the court you stand as if you were a new child and innocent of all crimes. The shackles are removed and you walk out of the courtroom with Jesus to a new place that is too great to even imagine.

You are free of all things you have done and are found innocent of every moral wrong you have committed and all it took was the love of Jesus. If you love Jesus you will want to be like him, you will make mistakes but you will grow and you will have everlasting life. There will be challenges, life is not guaranteed to be easy but you can be guaranteed that God will never give you a challenge you cannot handle because he is with you.

Please share God’s love with others why would we want to keep his love a secret.



I heard a story like this years ago so I thought I would share it in my own words. I hope it motivates you as well.



4 comments on “What if you die today?

  1. Truth, was having a bad day, stressing out about school/finding a better job etc etc; and came home and read your post. God is with us on all challenges, and after this reminder- I feel much better. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thank you, your response made it all worth it. I often have to tell myself things work with his time not mine. I understand the pain of dealing with the school situation I used to work at a public school until I decided to teach at the college level. I have to say their are many of the same issues at the university as well.

  3. Amazing story. Thanks for sharing it. 😀

  4. Thank you, I hope I told it well.

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