Dan Slott, Mark Waid and Ron Marz Please Stop Spreading Fear

The following tweets are from Dan Slott, Mark Waid and Ron Marz.


Fear 2


Really, that is the message you want to spread?

Maybe the police don’t want another Zimmerman fiasco where the media rush to judgment (and doctored 911 calls). Maybe the police don’t want the media to see the violence? Maybe the police have a good reason?

Maybe police getting attacked with Molotov cocktails and rioting require some force to stop? Maybe the media was asked to leave for their personal safety and they did not leave until the police were forced to make them leave?

Maybe it is a cover up? The truth is that we don’t know and it is too soon to rush to judgment. Maybe the police did wrong?

Ron Marz thinks we should fire the police chief even though we really don’t know anything about what happened?

At this point we just don’t have the facts but these writers seem to want to create more diversity issues and fear, are they acting socially responsible, no!  Please be more careful and wait until we know all of the facts.


55 comments on “Dan Slott, Mark Waid and Ron Marz Please Stop Spreading Fear

  1. “Maybe the police don’t want the media to see the violence?”

    Is that the police’s call in a country with a free press?

  2. Thank you for the response Greg, and to answer your question, no. As you see in the blog I am not supporting either side. The point I am making is that we don’t yet have the facts so we should not be making accusations on twitter about the police and the victims.
    Maybe the media was asked to leave for a good reason such as personal safety?
    At this point we don’t know. If the police actions end up wrong I want to see justice as well.
    If you read my post I even stated “Maybe it is a cover up? The truth is that we don’t know and it is too soon to rush to judgment. Maybe the police did wrong?”

  3. By posing the clearly false question “Maybe the police didn’t want the media to see the violence?” And asking questions now like “Maybe the media was asked to leave for a good reason such as personal safety?”, you are taking sides.

    There is clear video evidence that is not the case. There is clear video evidence of them taking cameras and camera equipment away. This isn’t a rush to judgment. America and the rest of the world can already see that attempted cover ups by the police are taking place.

    I understand that you have differing political views from Dan Slott, Ron Marz, and Mark Waid, but it seems clear in the instance of the cover up question, that you are letting your beliefs cloud your judgment to clear evidence.

  4. Please read the entire post Greg, I ask many questions and I also state that the police may be wrong in the case. A picture alone does not tell all of the information and a video can also not have all of the facts. I simply state that we should be more careful and wait until we know more before we jump to conclusions. My stance is not a political one on this issue and I want to see justice done in the end no matter who is at fault. We need to be more careful with sensitive issue like this so that we don’t make serious mistakes. I see how you may think that politics are part of my reasoning since Ron decided to call me a “nutty right-wing blogger”, but my political views have no stance in this matter.

  5. I disagree. There is a preponderance of evidence that the police are trying to abuse their power and cause a media blackout.

    You clearly have a longstanding grudge against these comic book writers and their political leanings and it appears to have affected your judgment in this case. Your political views are clearly in play in this matter no matter how much you try to deny it.

  6. Greg, there is some things that indicate the police may be abusing power and if so I hope that we correct the issue. I currently do not have any stance on the issue since we do not have enough information to make a judgment call. We have seen issues like this as well as others create issues and division among people only to find out that the media did not have the facts.
    I cannot say that I do not have some issue with things that comic writers say. They have a tendency to say things that offend many people and in this case I think they may be spreading some of the fear. Some comic writers have a significant following therefore they should be careful whit the messages they send. I don’t have a twitter account so they are free to contact me here if they wish, I would even consider removing posts if they feel I am being unfair to them.
    Notice you keep trying to say that I have made a decision on the situation and that is not the case. I said we do not know and we need to be careful due to the sensitive nature of the issue. If the police have abused their power I would also expect justice. Please notice in my post I stated “Maybe it is a cover up? The truth is that we don’t know and it is too soon to rush to judgment. Maybe the police did wrong?”
    It seems like you are the one that has come to a conclusion. No matter what outcome we see from this situation there are clearly no winners. I appreciate the time that you have taken to provide me with your views on this topic.

  7. Let us all hope that cooler heads prevail in this mess tonight and peace can continue until this mess can be resolved.

  8. Smartly, they got the Missouri state police to watch the area tonight, and there has been nowhere near the violence in Ferguson. While I agree we shouldn’t rush to judgement; indications are the police there have been over zealous in their law enforcement. Any child’s death is a tragedy, and I pray for Michael Brown and his family.

    Certainly we can’t assume every teen in Ferguson is up to unlawful activity, and likewise we can’t assume every policeman is a bad apple; I think yourself and most of the blogs I peruse have been responsible holding off until more evidence comes in before weighing in on the story. The comic writers (or anybody) shouldn’t be the judge/jury on the police chief until we find out what happened.

    Hopefully, if any good can come out of this; the police and community can learn to work together and have a dialouge to make it a safer town and something like this doesn’t happen again.

  9. Patrick thank your for the response, I agree it does seem like the police may have been over zealous. I think that the way they presented themselves may have had a part in the escalation of the incident. With that said we did not know all of the facts so it was irresponsible to spread tweets to thousands of people that may make the situation worse. As you said no one should be judge on this matter until we find out what happened.As you also stated I hope this can provide a catalyst that will spark the community to work together and find better ways to address disagreements. I would hope that the extra few hundred views that Ron sent to this site helped in some way by providing a more reasonable approach to the situation. With that said the overall reaction from the extra traffic generated much more positive response and I only had one person as you can see rush to judgement on the situation and my take on it.

  10. No, I don’t think this is too harsh. (I’m sorry I haven’t read your blog posts recently! Part of it was that I had a fiasco with trying to sign up for orientation days for college, but mostly it was just that I was lazy. I’m so sorry!) I think the police must have had good reason for what they did, and it irritates me when the media paint it another way. These are the people who do their best to keep us safe from random acts of violence and reckless drivers alike, and just because the media get asked to leave doesn’t mean that there is a cover up. There are about a million situations in which the police would ask all civilians to leave an area, and that includes media representatives. Then again, maybe it was a security thing, too. And if the media is pestering someone on a crime scene–say, for instance, a little girl who is in tears because of something that just happened–I think any person, police officer or not, would probably want to firmly take the media representative by the arm and escort them away, and also ask them “Do you have no compassion at all?” And the same goes for distraught adults and officers who have just been forced to shoot someone, no matter their age or how experienced they are.
    On the other hand, if there is a problem, as a citizen I would like to know. All the same, though, I’d rather err on the side of gratitude to the men and women in the police force and trust that they have a good reason for their actions.

  11. Thank you, I do think we have to be careful we still have no real facts to make a decision on and both sides could be in the wrong. I think you want the same thing, the facts and justice not matter who is at fault (or all) But I guess the following tweets do not mean someone thinks the chief should be fired.
    “it will be fascinating to see if Ferguson police chief keeps his job. You’d think he has to go, but nothing about this makes sense so far.”
    “I’m truly baffled that the #Ferguson police chief is still on the job. Apparent incompetence aside, he’s a recurring p.r. disaster”

  12. I think we should all be thankful for Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, he seems to be doing a great job of keeping the peace in the area. His statement to the public was excellent and if you have not heard it I think you should. Capt. Ron Johnson’s message was one of compassion, concern and the reason we need to focus on how we are more similar than different. You will notice that he did not place blame on either side, instead he was focused on getting the facts and bringing people together.

    Capt. Ron Johnson, Thank you.

  13. What bothers me about these incidents is that there are always people who come out of the woodwork and declare themselves “experts” before all the details are known. It’s easier for clowns like Marz, Slott and Waid to get worked up on social media than it is to wait until everything is known.

  14. Thank you Carl, I agree with you on this subject. I fear if we are not careful we could get another incidence like the Zimmerman trial. Before rushing to judgement we should wait until we can look at it objectively.
    On the bright side Ron must have felt the need to send people to my blog but I don’t think he received the reaction he wanted. I had a few hundred more readers and as you see only one of his twitter followers commented and it was clear that he had an agenda before even reading it. It did not look like many people reacted on twitter as well as he only had a few followers say things about me. Maybe I should thank him it seems people actually read the blog and saw that all I want is for people to wait for the facts no matter what ends up being the final result. As for the comments on the results I want, personally the results I want is to have no one hurt or killed and for everyone to get alone peacefully.

  15. Has the truth won yet? Looking at those 3 tweets, what in them was inaccurate? The police chief has resoundingly proven himself to be incompetent, cell phones have been getting news out to the rest of the world, and Ferguson’s police have been trying to block the media because the truth has been making them look bad.

    If Ron Marz’s tweets have been sending more readers to this site I don’t think they’ve been seeing what you think they’re seeing. It’s more likely that they’re seeing someone with a very specific bias against those comic book writers despite the facts.

  16. There is nothing to win here notice once again I made no judgment on the situation I said we should wait, you rushed to judgement. You were not there and you do not yet know all of the facts, we have mainly received information from one side which does not help the police. Notice Greg you are the only one that responded like this out of hundreds that came to this site and there are more positive comments here than negative, to add to that I have even been getting emails from people he sent here with positive responses. You seem to rush to judgment there just like you did with the case we are discussing. I stated it before and I will say it again I think we should wait until we get the whole picture if possible and if there is a coverup and other bad things I will want to see justice as well. Where is the political slant here please show me, explain how my political view that you don’t even know impacts my view here?

    The same person you rush to defend tweeted this:
    “The fog of war has descended in Ferguson; no one understands what’s happening. The fog of war in an American city. Think about that.”

    If we do not understand what is happening we should not be rushing to judgement. This is a sensitive situation and it should be treated in a rational way.

    I did not mislabel my post I just did not include one name in the title, all of the names in the tweets were right there in the tweets (one was Ron Marz), I left one name out of the title to keep the length of the title down at first but since you made it an issue I put it in. Could I have made a better title, sure. I added Mark Waid to the title but his name was right on the picture of the tweet that I posted in the article so it should not have led to any issue. Your straw man aside maybe we should ask who is the one that is bias and drawing conclusions and why it seems that you are bias against the police. I removed the rest of your post because it was just another silly straw man attack on the name of the blog with no substance to add to the subject.

    Greg, since you seem to have a judgment on this situation let me ask.
    What happened in the police car that led to Michael Brown getting shot? Please share all of the details.
    How exactly did the riot start?
    What should the police chief have done about the riot? Please share the official policy for this.
    It does seem the media was pushed out but could the police have had a good reason? How could this have been handled better?
    What would Capt. Ron Johnson say about your posts?
    Have you even read the Autopsy information?
    Remember what happened in the Zimmerman situation, I don’t think we need a repeat of that.

    So I say this one more time so that you may understand. I am not making any judgment on the situation at this time because we do not know enough information. The information could prove one side in the wrong or all could have been in the wrong we need to hold judgement until we can see the entire picture clearly.

  17. “It does seem the media was pushed out but could the police have had a good reason?”

    In what world could the police have a good reason to “push out” the media?
    In what world could the police have a good reason to launch tear gas at unarmed reporters and then take their equipment after the reporters have run away?
    In what world could the police have a good reason to threaten to shoot someone who was filming yesterday?

    I have seen more than enough credible information to accurately conclude that the police have tried to suppress people’s freedom to film and document events.

    You can say you’re not making any judgments. Your actions and past history say otherwise. You clearly have a bias against those comic book writers and it is coloring your commentary on those three very straight forward and accurate posts.

    Your “truth” isn’t “winning” here.

  18. The reporters themselves even said they were removed for their own safety but they do also say they used too much force. The tear gas is still not confirmed, and the police have a conflicting story.
    If the following is the whole story it is saddening and I hope this gets addressed. We never see the officer in question but notice Captain Todd does gave his name and he seemed concerned for the persons safety. I think this could have been handled better but at least it ended well.

    Notice you dodged the questions I asked.

    Greg, you stated
    “I have seen more than enough credible information… ”
    Are you sure about that? If you have you have already judged the situation without all of the facts.

    In case you have not seen:
    Autopsy report:

    Or how about this video:

    We were told Mr. Brown would never hurt a fly, but we then discovered he robbed a convenience store less than an hour before his death.
    We were told that an eyewitness said he was shot in the back and now appears to be false as well.
    What do you think about that?
    Your evidence is questional at best and in many cases falling apart.
    Could this entire situation been handled better, sure but then again we all could say that about anything we do. Did the police treat the press wrong, it is very possible. What else will we learn in the coming days? This is why I reserve judgment on the situation.
    No matter what this is a tragic situation and if we are lucky we can learn from it.

    The truth will come in time no matter what the outcome I just want justice and healing. There is no winner in this but you seem to think there is. The name of the blog is not because I think I am always right (I know I make mistakes). Read John 8:32 that is why the blog is named truthwillwin1.

  19. The hilarious thing for me about the tweets is Waid’s — if he’s SOOOO concerned about “media blackouts,” where are all his tweets about Obama’s? Myriad reporters, even on the left, mind you, have complained that this administration has been the worst for covering up stuff like ever. Not to mention, the vast majority of the mainstream media still covers for the president, a few progressive media complainers notwithstanding.

    IRS abuse? Fast and Furious? Healthcare law abuse? HUH? WHAT?

    If Obama was a Republican, Waid, Marz, Slott, et. al. would be on Twitter 24/7 bitching about the fascist state we’ve become. But because Obama is a liberal Democrat, and most especially because he’s black, such complaints are anathema. This is because 1) the belief that the GOP is so evil that lawlessness on the other side is “justified” (also see: the indictment of TX Gov. Rick Perry), and 2) white “progressive” views towards minorities which actually hold them in contempt because of the sordid history of abuse against African-Americans in the US. Despite the election of a black man to the highest office not only in the country but in the world, we still cannot be “too tough” on him you see … at least not like any of his predecessors. The “soft bigotry of low expectations,” this is.

    (By the way, if Obama was a GOPer as noted above, his race wouldn’t matter one iota to Waid and co. Being a Republican completely overrides such a consideration … indeed, Obama would be portrayed as an Uncle Tom and/or “race traitor.”)

  20. Here’s an illustration of what I mean about point #2 in my previous comment: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/18/opinion/in-ferguson-black-town-white-power.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0

    Basically, the author contends that because blacks — a big majority in Ferguson, MO — don’t vote in sufficient numbers, it’s whites’ fault.

    You see, we should not hold that majority culpable for still electing a primarily (minority) white government.

  21. Thank you for sharing Hube! I don’t know about you but I found the response from Capt. Ron Johnson to be stellar in the situation. Notice he kept from blaming and focus on everyone together and sticking to the facts and not letting emotion hinder judgment.

  22. Greg gets mad because you refuse to point blame, so you are the one that is bias. Greg has issues.

    “I have seen more than enough credible information to accurately conclude that the police have tried to suppress people’s freedom to film and document events.”
    Your opinion of credible information is pretty low.
    I also notice that you never answered the questions truthwillwin1 provided could that be because it does not show the “truth” you want to tell. Greg I do not think you know what accurate means. Truthwillwin1 has a good point that both may be at fault here. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out.

  23. Thank you LaurenP, as you can see at this time it appears that Greg is the only one here with a hard stance of the situation. I have yet to see how my stance on waiting for the facts is a decision to side with one particular group. I have also yet to see where a political affiliation has been any impact. All we have seen is Greg armed with straw men, avoiding questions, stretching the idea of credible information and making accusations. Even with that said I am happy to read is view of the situation as long as he stays civil.

  24. One should consider why this seems similar. Please pay extra attention around 6:20

    Twitter is now a very open form of media so we all need to be careful. Charles Barkley has some strong points that we all need to consider.

  25. With my film industry experience aside, there was a time when I spent 18 months working for a national government television broadcaster in the news & current affairs department as an assistant cameraman.

    Going on assignment gathering news stories was exciting. As a national broadcaster the reporters we worked with had to be unbiased in their reports and present the facts in interviews and from footage that was shot.

    We were also well aware that at the end of the day, controversial stories are a ratings winner and this is so much more prevalent among commercial television networks where sensationalism and bias can obscure all of the facts and truth from being presented.

  26. Thank you for commenting Magnetic eye, I appreciate your information. With that said am I being fair then by withholding judgment on the situation or am I holding out for something that will never come?

    • I think you are being very fair by withholding judgement on the situation. From what I can gather not all the facts are known and information at this point could still need to be accurately assessed by the police department before any official media announcement is made.

      • Thank you, one of the things I fear about twitter is that anyone can post anything and that means the information can be completely false or taken out of context (much like you said the media can do as well). I just hope that we find out the truth no matter what it is, if the police covered things up, mishandled the situation or were doing things by the book.

  27. Another thing I learnt through Screen Studies and working in the field is how editing is such a powerful tool. Despite having all the footage and facts at hand, you can edit a story to suit your particular agenda, bias, or political view.

    The way images are cut in the edit suite to how the script is penned by the reporter to how the dialogue is spoken can be done a myriad of ways and networks may have a particular bias to present stories one way or another.

    Name any media outlet who doesn’t use that to full advantage.

  28. Do you think social media is being irresponsible with video and twitter? Or am I being too harsh?

  29. I’m really over social media. I deleted my Twitter account some time ago. I hardly use Facebook other than the occasional contact with family or friends overseas.

    Some people just spend way too much time interacting with a computer screen instead of getting out and socializing with real people.

    No I don’t think you’re being harsh at all. Like anything, social media is a tool. Some people use it responsibly and others irresponsibly.

    • Thank you for responding, sometimes I wonder if I am being too harsh. I also do not have a twitter account (I never had one). I also do not use Facebook. I decided to have a blog and I have found it nice to meet new people.

      • BTW, Charles Barkley makes some very valid points in the video clip regarding the way an over zealous media contingent can misrepresent the truth.

        In all honesty, your blog and Doug’s blog are the only two blogs I regularly tune in to. Keep up the good work. 🙂

      • Yes, Twitter is awash with flatulent unqualified voices all sprouting self-righteous opinions.

        And that’s the beauty of social media or perhaps the irony of free speech I guess. It empowers anybody to say whatever they like. 🙂

  30. “I’m really over social media. I deleted my Twitter account some time ago. I hardly use Facebook other than the occasional contact with family or friends overseas.”

    Same here, Magnetic Eye. I quit Facebook over a year ago and haven’t looked back since. There were too many “friends” who turned out to be anything but and I got sick of my liberal relatives’ unhinged rants clogging up my newsfeed every single day.

    As for Twitter, I had an account there for all of two days back in 2009 or 2010, before it became big. I wasn’t impressed then and from what I’ve seen of it since then, I’m not impressed now.

    As for my own blog, I mostly quit for two reasons: 1) I felt I should spend more time on my book and less time blogging, 2) I started to talk more about my personal life than I did on comics or sci-fi, and in general, I suddenly was struggling to come up with blog post ideas.

    “Some people just spend way too much time interacting with a computer screen instead of getting out and socializing with real people.”

    I agree. I’ve tried to make an effort in the past year to get out and interact with real people, as yet another reason I quit Facebook is because I wanted actual face-to-face interaction, something I too feel has become a lost art.

    “I think you are being very fair by withholding judgment on the situation. From what I can gather not all the facts are known and information at this point could still need to be accurately assessed by the police department before any official media announcement is made.”

    I agree. I think it’s best to withhold judgment before everything is known. But for trolls and far-left comic writers, it doesn’t matter. Their minds are made up, and they see cases like these as “evidence” that America hasn’t advanced one bit since the 1950s. Judging by the way they talk about race relations, you’d swear old racists like Bull Connor were still running around. And they’ll be quick to demonize you if you don’t agree with them, with straw men and arrogant sarcasm as their primary weapons.

    “Thank you, one of the things I fear about twitter is that anyone can post anything and that means the information can be completely false or taken out of context (much like you said the media can do as well). ”

    That’s my main problem with social media, as I’ve already mentioned. Too many of its users crawl out of the woodwork and declare themselves “experts” on matters such as this, without taking the time to assess what’s known and what isn’t before running their mouths off.

  31. Thank you for commenting, I see your point. I try to limit my time in front of a computer since I use them frequently for work. I also tend to be finding real face-to-face time to be more valuable. I love having people online to chat with such as you guys as well. Over the last few years I have been putting more time in my faith since I feel that I could have been doing better there. With each year I have more and more family that pass away and after seeing my close friend Spider (online nickname) lose 3 close family members in a matter of months it was shocking. Sometimes life reminds you of what is important.

  32. Sadly the violence continues:
    If you watched the situation last night it seems that many local residents were working hard with the police to stop the violence in order to have a civil protest. I would like to see the data on the people that were arrested to see if they even live in Ferguson or if they just came to escalate the situation. Maybe if we can come together we won’t have another long night with a sad ending.

  33. I’m sorry to hear about Spider’s losses. My condolences to him.

    I just don’t understand the whole “let’s riot” mentality. What does it accomplish, other than the destruction of property and in some cases, the lost of innocent lives?

    Another thing I don’t understand: retroactively labeling Michael Brown as a saint, as a “little angel.” The facts paint a different picture, such as holding up a gas station and choking the clerk, which was caught in camera.. That doesn’t sound like saintly behavior to me. It sounds like violent behavior. And it sounds like he had pot in his system at the time of his death.

    Ace has a pretty good takedown of the media’s narrative right here:


  34. On the 19th I stated “I would like to see the data on the people that were arrested to see if they even live in Ferguson or if they just came to escalate the situation.”

    It has been found that many of the people arrested for violence in the protest were not even from Ferguson, they were from outside and due to media and other factors they decided to get involved. I would like to see a study that addresses what led them to the decision to come to Ferguson to violently protest. It was also reported that many Ferguson residents tried to help keep people calm and have a civil protest. People are tweeting things like “this is what happens when the right to peacefully assemble meets failure to disperse”. But they tend to miss the point of “the right to peacefully protest” which is not the same as “violently protest” Once again this is why we need to not rush to judgment and start spreading things that could add more problems to an already sensitive issue. As I said before maybe more people should listen to Charles Barlkley and consider his views.

  35. Well truthwillwin1 it looks like you were right to be concerned about the media adding more problems. Now that more information has come in have you made a judgment on the situation yet?

  36. Thank you for the compliment LaurenP. More information continues to flow but I feel that there is still too much contradiction to make any sense of it all. I will say that I do not think the media have been very responsible with this situation overall.

  37. Ron Marz :
    “Seem to be lots of dudes with “Don’t Tread on Me” flags in their profiles who complain about Ferguson protesters. Not much irony there, huh?”

    There is a difference between a protest and a riot.

    Speaking of Irony, since more information has been coming out that does not support the “evidence” that was being shown at the beginning some people have been getting a little less vocal….That reminds me where is Greg?
    We still don’t have all the facts but the conflicting information sure has helped support my case to wait and see before making a judgment.

  38. I posted about Richard Dawkins’ recent Twitter war, and I would like your opinion.
    Thanks! 🙂

  39. Thank you, I will post my reply at your blog.

  40. I wonder if the 21 foot rule will apply in this case since the victim was unarmed. Also could the multiple shots and areas hit been due to injury? I would think it would be hard to shoot accurately when you had been hit in the face multiple times.
    I also wonder if the victim was down or not when he was shot in the head.
    Still not enough information to defend either party in this case.

  41. Notice that after more information has came in Greg has gone away. I love his comment one the “three very straightforward and accurate posts” that were all speculation at best and far from accurate.
    This is why I continue to say we should wait before we judge.

  42. The police chief in Omaha, NE doesn’t want the same issue dropped on his doorstep–after a special-effects man filming a TV series was shot in a convenience store (I heard the story word-of-mouth, from people following the news all around), he promised to be open. Not that the same thing is at stake, I think.
    Whenever I hear this sort of story, I’m always inclined to give the police the benefit of the doubt, especially since reading the “Courageous” novelization. (It’s an amazing work of literature and I very highly recommend it 🙂 In my opinion, it’s a more realistic story than a lot of entertainment trash out there… Yay for small-company rebels against Hollywood!!! 😀 )

  43. So Greg and Marz, now that more info has come to light.
    Facts show:
    Michael Brown did assault the cop. He did attempt to get control of the cop’s gun. He didn’t have his hands raised in surrender. He did charge the officer and he wasn’t shot in the back.

    “Has the truth won yet” asks Greg.

    There is not a winner just different degrees of loss. In this case a person lost their life which is always bad but it is clear now that people like you rushed to judgment and were wrong. Maybe you should be a little more careful before sending tweets to thousands of people before knowing what may have really happened.

    I guess if being called a “crazy right- wing blogger” means that you wait for facts before spreading false information to thousands, I will embrace that any day.

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