Gamergate…Can’t We All Get Along!


By: Truthwillwin1 with help from the Frugal Gamer.

Over the past few weeks I have stayed out of the Gamergate controversy but I have been looking into the situation. It seems (please let me know if I am wrong) that it started about ethics in journalism and then morphed into something else.

I consulted my friend the Frugal Gamer in order to help me make sense out of the situation. It started as a movement for ethics and truth from gamers and as a reaction the other side used people and equality as a human shield. As temperatures rise mean things have been said from both sides so one should ask can’t we just get along? Why must we fight rather than repair the relationship? This situation could be used to improve upon ethics as well as diversity.

I would strongly suggest that people take time to view The Main Event with his EventStatus channel since he seems to be presenting a logical view on the situation.


Hats off to you Main Event you offer a clear view in a clouded fog of hate.

Now is the time to stop the hate and fix this mess!


9 comments on “Gamergate…Can’t We All Get Along!

  1. Because the Internet people feel they have the right to be shit heads

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