Ferguson a case of why we should wait for the facts

If you read my post earlier on the Ferguson situation you will see that we should wait and see before rushing to judgement.


As you see it appears that many rushed to judge before having the facts (and they still are).

For example uninformed comic writers continue to spread judgment yet they clearly do not understand the system and how it works. This was a tragedy and what makes it worse is that people are spreading silly comments in numbers.

For example:


No the teen was not deemed unworthy of trial. The case did not even have enough evidence to bring it to trial. The fact is that some people were so bent on making a story that they got it wrong. The facts were presented and it did not create the fictional story you wanted. The fact is that you spread false statements to thousands and that is appalling.

pic 2

Disgusted that you did not get the fictional story you wrongfully spread to thousands. I am disgusted that you made a police officer out to be guilty without any real facts.

I think it is clear that some people did not care what really happened, they only care about spinning a narrative.

Clearly we have some issues to address but factless tweets are not the way to do it. The same people who make statements like this tend to forget about the police officer and his rights as well. People considered him guilty without anything more than tweets that were far from fact.

The fact is the evidence was presented and 12 people decided that there was clearly no reason to even bring this case to trial. Maybe you will be more careful before you spread information that may not be true to thousands but I tend to doubt it, especially with silly posts like this:

pic 3

Stick to writing fiction it appears you do not care about the truth.


Things like this are also shameful:

pic 4

The kid may have been “a thug” (his words not mine), but it was still a shame that the altercation lead to a death. I wish Michael Brown’s family the best in these tough times. Losing a child is never easy no matter how it happens. The statements he has made are sickening.

Maybe the rest of us can work to fix the communication problems in a constructive way. Maybe the media and people with a large twitter following need to learn to wait to get the facts before sending inaccurate tweets to thousands. We are all people and we need to find ways to come together rather than separating each other.  Let’s remember this and think of ways we can make things better, focus on love not hate.



3 comments on “Ferguson a case of why we should wait for the facts

  1. Ron Marz is “disgusted” by the grand jury decision, even though he was not privy to the evidence that they were shown, wasn’t in the courtroom, etc. Classic.

    • That is what makes me sad, he spreads this crap to thousands. Last time I checked he did not have any more information than the rest of us so it is amazing how he knows what the outcome should be.

  2. Studying communications and journalism as I am, I think this may be a case of so-called “citizen journalism” where the “citizen journalist” couldn’t separate his own biases from the facts and created this false picture of “what happened in Ferguson”, which he then reported on, rather than getting his facts straight. The sad part of the Internet is how easy it can be to create and spread misinformation. The police chief in Ferguson may have made a PR slip, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to censure him for the police’s actions, which were entirely unrelated to the decision not to speak to the press.
    Trolls like this give the rest of us who use the Internet to publish and spread information a bad name.

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