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Nicholas Irving’s ‘The Reaper’: Sniper’s book gives readers a raw look at the realities of war

Originally posted on Douglas Ernst Blog:
Michael Moore’s now-infamous tweet, in which he called snipers “cowards” while moviegoers raved about Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper,” showed that he never read Chris Kyle’s book. Likewise, Mr. Moore’s ignorant tweet also demonstrated that he was unfamiliar with Nicholas Irving, 3rd Ranger Battalion’s deadliest sniper, with 33 confirmed kills.…

Frugal Gamer Presents: God of War (From the God of War Saga) for the PS3 Review

God of War is not a new game and yet people are still purchasing it today. The game is almost 10 years old and it is available in bundles of other games and you can purchase it digitally. I reviewed this game since it is almost certain we will see a new God of War […]

Dependency Does not Create Wealth and Freedom

I noticed some silly tweets last night that really tells a lot for example: Clearly Marz does not understand how the system works. The goal is to create a economy where everyone has the ability to create wealth so they have their own. If we depend on someone to take from one group to give […]

The Truth Battles Racism

Originally posted on Chelene Nightingale:
The Black-Female-Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences-President, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, stated after the Oscar-nominee-announcements, “the all-white acting slate inspires me to accelerate the academy’s push to be more inclusive.” and “hopes the film industry as a whole will continue to strive for greater diversity.” (Does anyone else see the…

Frugal Gamer Presents: Lego Batman for the PS3 Review

There are already 3 Lego Batman games but have you tried them? The original Lego Batman can now be found easily for $10 or less so you should ask yourself: Do you like Batman? Do you enjoy Lego’s or did you enjoy playing with them years ago? Have you ever played a Lego game? Lego […]

Professionals Should Behave Professionally

This tweet was sent my way today: Why does a “professional” act like this? Many people could easily say “I see comic book ads that look absolutely lousy, and then I’m like, “oh, that’s right……it was written by Ron Marz.” My point is why must some people act so rude yet act like they are […]

Frugal Gamer Presents: Retron 5 Review

Do you enjoy playing classic games, if so the Retron 5  game system may be for you! Many people are tired of the buggy game releases of today and enjoy playing games from the past while others just enjoy the ability to play games from years past. Before buying this unit watch this video first so that you […]