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Robin Issue 25 (1996) Why You Should Read It

Robin 2537635-4975-42185-1-robin

Robin issue 25 was written by Chuck Dixon and published February of 1996 and it is an issue that should not be missed. Robin, much like Batman does not like guns but he does not address the issues without logic. Issue 25 as well as 26 address the issues of why kids should not have guns in school. The issue does not venture far to the political left or right but address the true issue, people. The moral of the story is that using guns requires responsibility, which is the true issue not the gun itself. The story focuses on the people and how the gun is a tool not the cause.

This issue looks at real issues rather than silly liberal talking points, I doubt we will find much like this written today when our comic writers are bent on blaming the tool rather than looking at the real issues. For example todays writers provide slanted void of facts tweets such as this:

Marz gun

Talk about an ignorant statement. Notice if you do not agree with this writer you are a “coward”. I guess we should be “ashemed”. Maybe people like Marz who make silly statements such as this should be ashamed.


One comment on “Robin Issue 25 (1996) Why You Should Read It

  1. Ron Marz: Lost without spell check or an editor. 😛

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