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Dependency Does not Create Wealth and Freedom

I noticed some silly tweets last night that really tells a lot for example:


Clearly Marz does not understand how the system works. The goal is to create a economy where everyone has the ability to create wealth so they have their own. If we depend on someone to take from one group to give to another eventually the takers will need too much and we will all go down. We need growth in economics to provide more opportunities for others to have wealth, what he and others still do not understand is that dependency is slavery. If you depend on others you will never be able to stand on your own and you cannot bite the hand that feeds you. For example I work on average of 70+ hours a week and I get more taken out in taxes so let me ask how am I not paying my fair share when someone decides they don’t want to work?

If we create a environment where everyone has opportunity we can all grow and we will have more to give to the ones that really need. We all know what the truly in need get is not enough since we waste so much on government expenditures and people that really don’t need it since they just don’t want to work.

We need more means of wealth creation for example if we have 5 people that need jobs and only 1 job available supply and demand proves the company can provide a lower wage for talent, but if the reverse occurs and we have 5 places that need positions filled and only 1 candidate with skills their value increases and they can get a higher wage. It is clear that we need more jobs and we need to create more demand for skilled labor that will provide more wealth to people that taking from one person to give to another.

Then we have silly comments like this:


Really? This from a writer that regularly makes typos and spelling mistakes on twitter? I guess the pot met the kettle on this one. First it is twitter…clearly this guy is as partisan as it comes and allows that to influence his actions. This makes it certain that people like Marz do not understand how the system works and then when the truth hurts they try to make rude comments to cover the reality of the situation. This is the very thing we need to get past in order to work together and make real change. We need to stop spreading hate with silly tweets and focus on what we agree on so that we can create a discussion on our differences.







One comment on “Dependency Does not Create Wealth and Freedom

  1. As you can see Marz doubles down on his ignorance:

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