‘Captain America: Civil War’ trailer arrives, Steven Spielberg wipes egg off his face

Source: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ trailer arrives, Steven Spielberg wipes egg off his face

Minimum wage hike hits San Fran comic shop: ‘I voted for that, and I didn’t realize it would affect you’

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Regular readers of this blog know that on any given day they might get a post on minimum wage or they might read a review of Dan Slott’s run on The Amazing Spider-Man. Today is a special occasion for yours truly because our friends in San Francisco have provided…

Bernie Sanders, the Faux Socialist, Government-Loving Statist

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It’s not often that I disagree with the folks who put together the Wall Street Journal editorial page. For instance, they just published a great editorial on that cesspool of cronyism and corruption that is otherwise known as the Export-Import Bank. Isn’t it great that the voice of capitalism actually…

‘Angels in My Hair’: Lorna Byrne’s gentle touch creates solid stepping stone to spirituality

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Lorna Byrne’s 2008 book ‘Angels in My Hair’ is a bestseller. Her memoir covers the trials and tribulations she experienced while growing up with the ability to see angels — but not talk about it with anyone. Her own family thought she had mental problems. She was warned that…

Frugal Gamer Presents: Captain America and the Avengers for the NES Review

Due to a subscriber requesting that I review a classic NES game and the popularity of the Marvel movies I have decided to review Captain America and the Avengers! This game is not like the 90’s quarter munching arcade game, the Super NES and Genesis versions are much more like that instead they had Data […]

The Repellant and Arrogant Statism of Global Warming Fanatics

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I’m a firm believer in climate change. Heck, there have been several ice ages and warming periods, so it’s obvious that temperatures shift over time. And while I’m not particularly qualified to assess such matters, I’m also willing to believe that human activity has an effect on climate. Moreover, even…

Nicholas Irving’s ‘The Reaper’: Sniper’s book gives readers a raw look at the realities of war

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Michael Moore’s now-infamous tweet, in which he called snipers “cowards” while moviegoers raved about Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper,” showed that he never read Chris Kyle’s book. Likewise, Mr. Moore’s ignorant tweet also demonstrated that he was unfamiliar with Nicholas Irving, 3rd Ranger Battalion’s deadliest sniper, with 33 confirmed kills.…